Managed service is the most
convenient way for brands & agencies
to run their influencer marketing
campaigns. Let our experts handle
your social media promotion and
help you secure the best results.

Average influencer marketing budget is $5000.
Estimate your monthly budget and reach:
Choose your topic:
Beauty & Fashion
Set your budget: $25K
$100K+ $75K
Reach (people):
* Figures above are averages and should only be used only for approximate evaluation.
Buzzweb managed service is optimal for:
Digital agencies & brands who
wish to optimize the performance
of influencer marketing
campaigns and achieve
higher ROI.
  • Working with top-performing influencers
    Buzzweb experts will select the top-performing influencers as we've already worked with them. We also know what creative content resonates with their social network accounts.
  • Turn-key solution
    We manage the whole process of searching for influencers, communicating with them and launching the campaign. All you need to do is approve the content and get the best results.
  • Detailed reporting
    After each campaign we will provide you with a detailed report and analytics. You can also receive reports after each publication.
  • Measuring results
    The best way to optimize campaigns is to measure results and compare them. This is why we can help set up special links, promo-codes and other mechanics and receive detailed analytics for your campaigns.

Why Brands choose Buzzweb

  • Remote control
    No more email negotiations and spreadsheets. Use the dashboard to track your campaign and get update notifications.
  • Warranty
    It’s free to post a campaign and to check out what offers you will get from influencers. You do not pay until you approve the post content.
  • A great choice of influencers
    Our total reach is 60m. Imagine the entire UK or ⅕ US population being exposed to your products in the most engaging way.
The Buzzweb niche features
top-rated micro and medium
influencers with 5k-400k followers.
They are highly trusted by their followers and have no bots among them. That means your ad will enjoy a wide reach, precise targeting and high engagement.
  • All our creators are verified and handpicked.
    No fake accounts or bots.
    Only real influencers.
  • We rate and reward best performing creators.
    You can sort suggested creators based on proven efficiency. The average engagement rate of a creator is 6%.
Alexander Markwood
Senior SMM Manager
Search and analytics tools were the two things that
impressed us the most. It took us just 3 minutes to find
influencers, whose followers were our target audience.
We also found it very easy tracking our campaign results.
  • 60M
    people is our
    total reach
  • 10K
    work with us
Payments and pricing
  • We charge 20% commission from each campaign budget.
  • All payments are completely secure.
  • Invoices are sent automatically.
Feel free to contact us
Case Study:
Challenge: Introduce a new product to the UK market.
Audience: Women, 24-40.
Geography: UK, Manchester & London.

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