Track followers on Instagram, Youtube
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Our platform is the optimal solution for:
Social media influencers, agencies
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  • Audience insights
    Age, gender, geo, interests, brand awareness and language distribution of competitors' audience.
  • Get recommendations
    We analyze your account and share our experience on how to increase the number of your followers and boost the influence of your social media account.
  • Monitor your growth
    See how fast your account is growing and how each post influences it. Get new followers and unfollowers list.
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    It's very important to use the right #hashtags in posts. Find the most influential hashtags and use them in your posts.

Why Brands choose Buzzweb

  • Remote control
    No more email negotiations and spreadsheets. Use the dashboard to track your campaign and get update notifications.
  • Warranty
    It’s free to post a campaign and to check out what offers you will get from influencers. You do not pay until you approve the post content.
  • A great choice of influencers
    Our total reach is 60m. Imagine the entire UK or ⅕ US population being exposed to your products in the most engaging way.