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Twitter Influencer Marketing Can Work Wonders For Brands

As the stars of real-life conversations and events, Twitter influencers have huge opportunities to offer the brands. Since Twitter is considered to be one of the top social media platforms with 500 million Tweets a day and 100 million active daily users in 2017 according to an Omnicore agency study, it draws attention of millions of people. This creates the perfect conditions for Twitter influencer marketing.

Why Is Using Twitter For Marketing 100% Worth The Effort?

Here are three compelling reasons why you should consider Twitter seriously.

1. The influencers’ recommendations increase the level of confidence in the brand and are pretty much equal to a friend’s opinion

According to an official survey conducted on Twitter, approximately 49% of respondents acknowledged that they relied on the opinions of the influencers, whereas 56% of people trusted their friends. Furthermore, 20% of people shared a product recommendation posted by Twitter influencers.

Just as word-of mouth, the influencers’ opinion counts and increases the level of confidence in the brand among the customers.

Source: Twitter

2. Twitter marketing drives sales

A 2.7-fold increase in the purchase intention – this is what awaits brands that put Twitter marketing strategy into practice. However, when the brand’s strategy incorporates Twitter influencers, the purchase intention grows 5.2 times.

3. Brand influence becomes more powerful, whereas the influencers are perceived as celebrities

Based on a Twitter marketing study, almost a half of respondents said that they follow brands because of their interest in the products.

People follow celebrities mainly for entertainment, and the same reason lies behind following the influencers who share their opinion on different things, including brands, and create the demand for products.

8 Tips On Using Twitter For Business Promotion

  • As a Twitter study says, you can increase engagement 5-fold simply by combining the influencer’s name and the brand name in Tweets.
  • Avoid using all 280 characters in your Tweets. Short and concise posts are usually better perceived by the audience. Even though you can write more, it doesn’t mean that it’s the most efficient thing to do.
  • Images and videos attract more attention to Tweets. Based on a study by Purpose Media, video views have grown by 220% in 2017 and they are shared 6 times more often than images!
  • It’s better to use high-, mid- and low search hashtags in the Tweet. Low-volume or niche hashtags are more precise and can get you to the top search results, whereas using high and mid-volume search terms will ensure that the Tweet is shown to a greater number of people.
  • Do not include too many hashtags, the Tweet shouldn’t look messy. Engagement is at its peak when you use 1-2 relevant hashtags.
  • Links are more than welcome in Tweets. Not only is it a chance to direct the audience to other online destinations, but it also adds value to the post.
  • Decide what key indicator values need to be achieved during the campaign and which ones you will measure, such as growing sales or increasing brand mentions in the social media. These indicators should be clearly defined in your Twitter marketing strategy.
  • The brands should be grateful to their influencers and it would be a good idea to send them a personal message and express gratitude for their efforts when the campaign is over.

Brief Guidance On Running A Twitter Influencer Marketing Campaign

1. Identifying influencers on Twitter

First you need to find Twitter influencers and hire the right ones. For this, you will need any of the professional twitter marketing tools like Buzzweb, which has a great range of influencers of all types.

Also, shouldn’t you forget that in order to efficiently advertise on Twitter, your campaign should contain 10-15 posts, for which you need to involve 5-10 influencers.

2. Launching the campaign

Publish just 50% of the posts and analyze the interim results. If key performance indicators are satisfactory, then you might want to continue working with the same influencers. If they are 5-10% lower than expected, there’s still a chance that your expectations were too high. However, if they are 30% lower, then you’ve probably selected the wrong influencers for this campaign. It’s better to find and hire new ones and to relaunch the campaign.

3. Calculating profit

Analyze the results and collect audience data from the campaign.For that purpose, you can easily get a PDF report by using the Buzzweb campaign reports feature.

4. Develop your Twitter marketing strategy further

Once the campaign is finished and the outcomes are calculated, you can use your experience to revise and develop the next campaigns within your Twitter marketing strategy.

On A Final Note

Using Twitter for marketing is a great idea if you are looking to step up your sales and brand awareness. Hence, you need to find Twitter influencers appropriate for your brand and its business goals.

Generally speaking, Twitter marketing brings results.

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