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Snapchat Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Business

The list of social media used by brands to promote themselves is growing. Now is the time to add Snapchat to the list. Although this platform’s interface may seem unfamiliar, Snapchat influencer marketing has a huge potential. A Snapchat influencer network is becoming a valuable brand asset.

Statistics That Demonstrate The Efficiency Of Snapchat Marketing

1. Number of users

  • According to DMR Snapchat Report, Snapchat is visited by 100 million users daily, with 60% of the them creating content at a speed of 9,000 snaps per second.

2. Popularity in comparison with other platforms

  • Snapchat has more users than Twitter. According to an Infinite Dial study, its growth over the course of a year matches Twitter’s growth over four years.
  • According to the same source, Snapchat is more popular with Americans than Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

3. Audience engagement

  • According to, users spend an average of 30 minute in the app.
  • 76% of Snapchat users are online shoppers.

Snapchat As a Marketing Tool: Tips And Cases

The most valuable aspect of snapchat marketing is the fact that your content doesn’t have a chance to become obsolete. Before disappearing, your publications will be visible to your followers’ feed for 24 hours. How can you use this?

1. Publish exclusive content

Brands use Snapchat because its content is authentic. Let your clients feel like they are “insiders” – publish content unavailable on other channels. The feeling of relevance and involvement will create an emotional response to your brand, and, consequently, the product.

2. Provide your followers with promo offers

Sweepstakes are the best way to conquer your clients’ attention. Organize prize giveaways and publish discount promo codes. Such events will motivate your followers to talk about you.

Heineken beer launched a «SnapWho» snapchat marketing campaign during the Coachella music festival. Users were sent hints via the social media platform, which suggested special appearances at Heineken House.

Based on these hints, the fans had a chance to guess and send in photos of singers who may have been about to make a surprise appearance. Those who guessed correctly, received exclusive information regarding the time of the concert. Even those who didn’t make it to the concert were satisfied with the information they obtained – it provided a feeling of uniqueness.

3. Involve your followers in your story

Ask the users to make a selfie with your product. Ask them interesting questions, give them fun tasks. Reward the most active participants.

Mountain Dew ran the Kickstory interactive snapchat marketing campaign during Superball. The football fans sent screenshots, voting to choose what will happen next in the interactive story they were offered. This allowed Mountain Dew to attract attention to its new product and determine the level of their audience’s engagement with Snapchat.

Everlane suggested its followers discuss its new shoe collection, or send photos of their recent garment acquisitions.

4. Find snapchat influencers

The participation of a snapchat influencer network in promoting your brand will allow you to be more convincing, especially if these are micro-influencers, whose advertisements are perceived as personal recommendations.

Advertising may belong to one of two kinds – first, there’s concealed advertisement, i.e. when your product is laying by the blogger during the broadcast. He doesn’t even mention it, but his or her fans take notice and find their way to your website.

And then there’s open advertising. Here you can use the “Invite a friend” program in order to manage your sales. Make arrangements with your influencer for a 10-second post with a special code. If the post proves efficient, agree on weekly posts in the same format over the course of one month.

How To Find Snapchat Influencers?

1. Determine your advertising campaign goals. Top bloggers ensure brand awareness. Micro bloggers launch the sales of new products. Snapchat influencer network that consists of top and micro bloggers will create a synergistic effect.

2. Use an influencer marketing platform like Buzzweb to select influencers with the audience profile you need – by sex, age and location. It can’t be done manually, meanwhile, selecting an influencer relevant to your business is the key to the campaign’s success.

3. In addition, compare the nature of the blogger’s content with the nature of your brand. Does he/she share your values? Would he buy your product on his/her own? If you have a hard time believing it – your audience won’t believe it either. But if it’s your kind of person, your content will be convincing and will make your product popular.

4. Buzzweb also provides Snapchat influencer marketing managed service. In this case, you will simply need to approve a list of bloggers who were selected according to your specifications and who already agreed to work with you.

How To Work With Snapchat Influencers?

  • Create specifications for the blogger – the goal of your snapchat marketing campaign, the way you’d like the audience to see your product, a list of adjectives or phrases that you’d like the influencer to use in the post to describe the product. Make this list as specific as possible and give your blogger creative freedom to choose adjectives or phrases he or she likes from the list.
  • Treat the pictures in the same manner – just supply several versions of how you’d like Snapchat audience to perceive your brand.
  • The text and the final image should be left to the blogger’s discretion. You’re paying him/her for authenticity and creativity, after all. They are the ones that the engagement rate of the newly created content will depend on.
  • And don’t forget to express your gratitude after the project is over. This is a self-evident thing that 80% of the advertisers forget about, according to Buzzweb data.

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