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Several Words About Facebook Influencer Marketing

Facebook is one of the leading platforms where marketers seek influencers. In the last two years (2016 & 2017) brands have been actively promoting themselves via Facebook influencers. This is revealed, among other things, by the research studies conducted by the authoritative Bloglovin’ and Chute and Thuizo 360.

Bloglovin’ Marketers Survey 2017 has showed that Facebook influencer marketing was used by 80% of marketers from brands and agencies.

What’s all the hype about Facebook promotion? The hype is due entirely to its efficiency. An incredible 95.8% of digital marketers worldwide state that Facebook offers the best ROI.

How To Find Facebook Influencers?

Facebook promotion means, to begin with, working with the business products and services. Finances, corporate training, office equipment – there are Facebook influencers relevant to any type of business.

However, the biggest challenge in Facebook influencer marketing is finding those relevant Facebook influencers. Why? Unlike Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, Facebook has some content restrictions and privacy terms that can make it more difficult to find proper influencers for your brand pages.

That’s why in order to save your resources it’s best to conduct your search through influencer marketing platforms like Buzzweb, where bloggers publish their profiles themselves. Or, what’s even better, you can order a managed service campaign. In the latter case, you will be safeguarded against the pitfalls you wouldn’t be aware of without extensive experience in conducting Facebook influencer marketing campaigns.

The Pitfalls

  • Dishonest bloggers do exist. Every experienced managed service influencer marketing campaign provider has a blacklist of those who failed to return expensive goods provided by advertisers for review, or returned them after tedious correspondence and threats of court proceedings.
  • Besides, without experience in Facebook marketing via influencers it’s difficult to provide a technical assignment to the blogger. You may, for example, forget to emphasize that the post has to be a permanent one, and should not be deleted. As well as that it shouldn’t be shared with other advertisers: there are bloggers who create one joint post for two brands in order to decrease the number of paid posts in their feed. As a result, both brands receive less attention.
  • Some bloggers also drive up the number of their followers, as well as their posts engagement. You won’t be able to discern these details from the outside, regarding these likes and comments as organic. Meanwhile, an experienced managed service influencer marketing campaign provider has its own rating of influencers, with each of whom he’s cooperated and about whom he’s received feedback from his customers.

These are just three of numerous nuances of Facebook marketing via influencers. And the more experienced a provider is — the longer is his list of similar life-hacks and insights.

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