Find social media influencers which
align with your brand identity and
campaign goal, organize them into lists
and reach out to them seamlessly
via our platform.
Buzzweb influencer search engine knows how to find influencers.
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United States
Our platform is the optimal solution for:
Agencies, Brands & SMBs from
such industries as FMCG, fashion,
retail, pet products and game
  • Discover influencers
    Choose creators based on their followers’ features: age, gender, geo and interests.
  • Organize them
    Use lists feature to organize influencers and have them in quick access.
  • Reach out to influencers
    Buzzweb offers you two ways of reaching out to influencers. You can do it one by one or use lists feature to outreach them all and save your time.
  • Get audience insights
    Age, gender, geo, interests, brand awareness and language distribution of audience.

Why Brands choose Buzzweb to find social media influencers

  • Remote control
    No more email negotiations and spreadsheets. Use the dashboard to track your campaign and get update notifications.
  • Warranty
    It’s free to post a campaign and to check out what offers you will get from influencers. You do not pay until you approve the post content.
  • A great influencer network
    Our total reach is 60m. Imagine the entire UK or ⅕ US population being exposed to your products in the most engaging way.
The Buzzweb niche features
top-rated micro and medium
influencers with 5k-400k followers.
They are highly trusted by their followers and have no bots among them. That means your ad will enjoy a wide reach, precise targeting and high engagement.
  • All our creators are verified and handpicked.
    No fake accounts or bots.
    Only real influencers.
  • We rate and reward best performing creators.
    You can sort suggested creators based on proven efficiency. The average engagement rate of a creator is 6%.
How to find influencers?
  • According to Econsultancy, 73% of marketers claim that to find social media influencers relevant to their brand is the largest one of their influencer marketing issues.
  • 59% of marketers also consider reaching out to influencers and engaging them a difficult task.
Comprise your own influencer database in three steps
  • Campaign goals
    What's your business objective? In keeping with your objectives, you need either mega or micro influencers.

    Mega influencers increase brand visibility. They also help boost the number of your brand page followers. But if you need to launch a new brand or product on the market - find micro-influencers. The smaller a blogger’s audience is – the closer their relationship is, and the more trust is involved. And any advertisement will be perceived as a personal recommendation.
  • Audience profile
    Who is your target audience? What is their sex, geo, interests?

    The second phase of comprising your own influencer database is comparing the profiles of influencers’ followers with the profile of your potential customer. Even if you want to find micro-influencers with 5k followers, you'll need to check their profiles one by one in order to determine their alignment with your concept of your customer. That means, to discover influencers with the proper audience you'll need the influencer search engine tool like Buzzweb, which will give you a list of creators whose followers are your potential clients. Finding relevant influencers manually is virtually impossible.
  • Alignment in spirit
    What are your brand values and mission?

    Selecting bloggers who share your values is the last phase of the process wherein you discover influencers. Your brand’s character and the characters of your influencers should be aligned. In this case, the content that the bloggers will create for you will be convincing and authentic. Buzzweb can also help you here - it demonstrates you creators’ and their followers affinity.

    In addition, you’ll lose far less time on various adjustments. As it often happens in case of an incorrect choice of an influencer — brand representative need to pressure the blogger into changing the text in a way that he/she consider more appropriate. However, the right influencer knows what’s important for your brand, and gets your message across to your audience in a convincing manner.
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