Find the most relevant bloggers,
organize them into lists and reach out
to them seamlessly via our platform.
Primary audience filter:
United States
Our platform is the optimal solution for:
Agencies, Brands & SMBs from
such industries as FMCG, fashion,
retail, pet products and game
  • Discover influencers
    Choose creators based on their followers’ features: age, gender, geo and interests.
  • Organize them
    Use lists feature to organize influencers and have them in quick access.
  • Reach out to influencers
    You can do it one by one or use lists feature to outreach them all and save your time.
  • Get audience insights
    Age, gender, geo, interests, brand awareness and language distribution of audience.

Why Brands choose Buzzweb

  • Remote control
    No more email negotiations and spreadsheets. Use the dashboard to track your campaign and get update notifications.
  • Warranty
    It’s free to post a campaign and to check out what offers you will get from influencers. You do not pay until you approve the post content.
  • A great choice of influencers
    Our total reach is 60m. Imagine the entire UK or ⅕ US population being exposed to your products in the most engaging way.
The Buzzweb niche features
top-rated micro and medium
influencers with 5k-400k followers.
They are highly trusted by their followers and have no bots among them. That means your ad will enjoy a wide reach, precise targeting and high engagement.
  • All our creators are verified and handpicked.
    No fake accounts or bots.
    Only real influencers.
  • We rate and reward best performing creators.
    You can sort suggested creators based on proven efficiency. The average engagement rate of a creator is 6%.
Alexander Markwood
Senior SMM Manager
Search and analytics tools were the two things that
impressed us the most. It took us just 3 minutes to find
influencers, whose followers were our target audience.
We also found it very easy tracking our campaign results.
  • 60M
    people is our
    total reach
  • 10K
    work with us