When you decide to proceed with a certain influencer, you need to discuss the collaboration terms and the sponsored content with them in your Buzzweb chat.

You can ask them questions to learn more about their social media channels and audience and their experience of working with brands. If you know how you want them to talk your brand, just share your vision with them. You can also ask the blogger what they have in mind and they can come up with an interesting idea about the post.

If you can send a product sample to the blogger, feel free to ask for their delivery address and arrange the shipping. Provide the delivery information to the blogger so they will be informed about the process.

When discussing the price, tell them how much you are ready to pay for such promotion, or ask their expectations so you can agree on the reward that you will pay them after the post approval. 

When everything is agreed, the blogger prepares the post draft for you so you can approve the content before it's posted. 

Discuss the time of the publication, it can be either the prime time on the blogger's account or suggest your time. 

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