There are three ways to connect with the influencers. 

When you make your campaign public and available for the influencers to apply, our influencers matching your brand messaging receive a notification about the new brand deal and can apply to it. We will then send you their applications for you to check their profiles and decide whether you want to proceed with a blogger or reject the applications.

If you decide to make your campaign private, our influencers will not see it and won't be able to apply. In this case, you will need to select the relevant bloggers from the Bloggers section using a search tool. You can filter by a category of their content they produce and sort by a number of followers they have. Just click Propose when a see you an interesting blogger so they will be notified and you will be able to discuss with them a potential sponsored post.

The best way to find a relevant blogger with the best fit for your campaign is to make it public and look for the influencers with our search tool. These two activities combined enable you to achieve your campaign goals quickly and efficiently.      

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