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Last Updated: 03.10.2017 17:52
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As one of the most popular video-sharing sites, YouTube has many intriguing features you might not have heard about before.

This article will reveal some tricks that are not so evident even for the YouTubers — especially from the first glance.

It will be an interesting read for Instagram influencers and Twitter influencers as well. Since YouTube is a great source of new ideas, trends and inspiration for new posts, you should know the tricks that will make your life easier.

This info will also be helpful for the brands that develop Youtube influencer marketing. They can use it to search for YouTube bloggers, establish effective communication with them and develop a content strategy that includes videos.

Watching Hints

• Playing videos in the background is possible! Surprised? There’s a way to play videos or music on YouTube App even when your smartphone is locked. Unfortunately, the trick works only on iPhones and when playing videos on YouTube website in Safari browser. Once the video is launched, press the home button and press “play” in the Control Centre, which is accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

• Keyboard shortcuts. In order to accelerate your search on YouTube, you can use the following shortcuts:

– Press K to pause or play;
– Press M to mute or unmute;
– Use the 0-9 keys to skip different parts of the video (from 0 to 90%);
– Use L and J keys to fast-forward or rewind by 10 sec. You can do the same by double-clicking the left or right sides of the video on the App.

• Replaying videos on a PC/tablet. Regardless of your autoplay settings, by right-clicking on the video you can select the “Loop” in the dropdown menu. This has to be done while you’re watching the video.

• Watch in silence. Turn on the “Captions” option to read from the screen. These transcriptions have proved to be effective and punctual. They come upat the exact moment, so you shouldn’t be worrying about missing something. This might be a time-saver and when you’re in a public place without headphones and you want to use your precious influencers time wisely!

Sharing Tricks

• Share video that starts from a certain moment. This is probably one of the most useful features. It enables you to send links to videos that start from a particular moment. All you have to do is pause at the particular place, click “Share”, choose the “Start at” option and copy the link.

This feature will be particularly useful for influencers who would like to include video to their content and share a certain moment! When you do business on influencer marketing platforms in this fast-paced world, the audience is not very patient to watch videos in full. So, this is the trick that will help grab their attention right away.

• Keep your stuff private. Keeping things undisclosed is another side of the coin in sharing. First, you can stop saving the history of videos you watched by choosing “Pause Watch History” and clearing it. Secondly, if you don’t want to reveal which videos or channels you “liked”, saved or subscribed to, then change your “Privacy” in “Settings”.

Save Money

Not spending money is another way to “earn them”. The pieces of advice below can be suitable when you’re travelling and cost of Internet is very high.

• “Limit Mobile Data Usage” in the “General” settings for better control of your traffic.

• Disable “Autoplay” for videos in order to avoid any unexpected views.

Get Insights

• If you want to find out all technical details about a certain video, such as viewport, video and audio formats, bandwidth and others, you can simply right-click and choose “Stats for nerds” from the dropdown menu.

Marketing influencers or brands can find it interesting when analyzing the video content of competitors.

• Are you willing to test new upcoming features? Then you might like to be among the first people to see what’s happening behind the scenes. Check the trial version of new features.

Alternative Interface

• YouTube TV is another option for a standard YouTube interface. You might like to use it for a big screen.

• Go to the dark side! This exclamation sounds much more legendary than it actually is. In case you’re a loyal YouTuber and a frequent visitor of the site, then you can try experimenting with a new dark theme. You can enable it by going to the dropdown menu that appears under your account icon. You might find the dark colors a lot friendlier to your eyes.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has helped you discover a couple of new tricks. Enjoy blogging with Buzzweb community!



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