What Exactly Is Brand Ambassadorship And How Is It Used?

Last Updated: 05.10.2017 10:41
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The word “ambassador” was recently brought from the diplomatic world to the marketing industry. Today, it is used for brand representatives, who embody the brand and espouse its values in their entire life.

About five years ago, many brands associated with famous sports personalities and actors to further their brand reach to targeted audience. Today, however, a major brand can make one become famous.

The main task of an ambassador is to be a worthy bearer of brand values. It’s a certain way of life and behavior that is made public through the social media. It also involves the personality of a person that the brand seems to be consonant with.

An ambassador is not the official representative of a company — he doesn’t take any strategic decisions, doesn’t manage budgets, and doesn’t sign agreements and contracts. But he has the strongest influence over your target audience. Your ambassador plays a major role on whether your potential customers would buy and wear your products, on which restaurants to visit, and on what books to read. He’s like the English queen: reigns, but doesn’t rule.


Having an ambassador with a large number of followers, you get wider reach and publicity. For an ambassador with lesser number of followers, or so-called micro influencer, there is a greater probability that the loyalty his audience has for him will be automatically transferred to you. It’s easier to work and easier to project your marketing activities on the followers of micro influencers.

Another advantage of collaborating with an ambassador is that he or she can serve as a tool for collecting high-quality feedback from the audience. Whether it is a promo event or a new product — public reaction to a company’s products and events will be felt by the brand ambassador.

A Bit About Formalities

A brand ambassador agreement establishes the number of posts dedicated to the brand and its products, which the ambassador should have in his/her social media. The agreement also regulates the format of such posts, the posting period and the compensation. In addition, the brand and the ambassador can agree on which activities and other promo events the ambassador is expected to attend and participate in.

An influencer marketing platform can act as the party that helps to agree on the terms of cooperation and regulate the relationship between the brand and the ambassador.

A Crucial Choice

It’s important to understand that huge responsibility falls on the shoulders of an ambassador — he/she is first of all responsible for the brand reputation. Being a prism through which a company delivers its values to people, an ambassador can also become a catalyst for negative campaigning and mudslinging. Mitigating the consequences can be a very difficult challenge.

Scandals can make individual characters more popular. But if the ambassador is caught out using a competitor’s product, or worse, committing any criminal offence — the company is likely to lose some of its audience and, accordingly, profits. That is why it’s necessary to pay close attention to the reputation and commitment of the influencer, who will take up such an important role. You can also secure yourself against this by ensuring constant feedback between your marketing department and the ambassador or his representative, for example, the influencer marketing platform representing the ambassador.

How Do You Find An Ambassador For Your Brand?

The most surefire way is to start from your target audience, explore and understand its interests — who do they consider to be a person of standing in the society? Who do they admire and respect?

For this purpose, you have two paths — the first one is a difficult, labor- and time-consuming one, but free. The second one is fast, reliable, and requires very little cost.

In the first case, you can study the pages of your customers on social networking sites and find micro influencers that have at least 20% of these customers as their followers.

In the second case, you need to use Buzzweb influencers discovery feature and set the criteria for the influencer and his\her followers — your target audience. For this, there is an account selection tool, where you can set the influencer category — pet, travel, fashion (a total of 22 categories), number of his/her followers and his/her country. There is also a primary audience targeting tool that enables you to apply the filter based on the characteristics of the influencer’s followers: gender, age, country and city. The system will give you a list of your potential ambassadors where you can choose from.

Or it would even be more convenient to use AI-powered influencer audience search. It allows you to find the most relevant influencers based on the profile of your Instagram followers or on your competitors’ social media followers.

The Final Word

A brand ambassador is a powerful and vital tool for establishing direct and transparent communications with your potential and relevant clients. It’s critically important to collaborate with him/her in a proper and effective manner.

Choosing micro influencers, who will embody the philosophy of your brand, requires a very serious approach — micro influencers are the people that will humanize your company and bring it closer to the target audience.

That’s it from us today. Wishing you effective communications and efficient micro influencers.

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