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Since micro and medium bloggers have the ability to influence their audience opinion, they’re the perfect channel for showcasing your brand as one that provides great product or service. Still, influencer marketing doesn’t give an overnight success. It’s a gradual process of building relationships with your potential clients.

According to our survey, in case you have chosen the proper influencers that have created the proper content, it takes about 15 paid posts to get the attention of your target audience and grow your sales. And our ultimate guide will help you to do this.

1. Choose The Right Influencers

1.1 Quality

Primary Requirements

What are the basic characteristics of your ideal influencer? This probably depends on your industry and budget, as well as on a country where your business and target audience are located. And it takes more than a quick Instagram or Google search to find relevant influencers. That’s why Buzzweb offers you 2 ways to find the most relevant influencers. 

1. Use basic search tools. Influencer account search tool helps you to:

  • Find influencers from your brand category: beauty, pet, food, business, and 18 more.
  • Set a number of followers that you would like your influencers to have.
  • Check out influencers location.

Primary audience targeting tool lets you set requirements to influencers followers:

  • Gender;
  • Age;
  • Countries and cities.

2. Find influencers by keywords, #hashtags, and @username.

Buzzweb search tools

Brand identity

To make your potential clients believe your sponsored posts, each of your social media influencers should impersonate your brand. That’s why while looking through the list of the potential creators to collaborate with you need to ask yourself whether each particular influencer aligns with your brand identity:

  • Does he embody your brand’s story?
  • Would he and his followers use the product in their daily life?
  • Had he already posted an ad of the same price category products?

Your potential customers will ask the very same questions before deciding what action to take.


Also, check out influencers performance. Don’t think about social media in terms of followers here. This is just a number that isn’t relevant to the power the influencer can bring to your social influencer marketing campaign.

Especially for small and middle businesses, the quality of followers is more important than their number. That’s why pay attention to the interactions your potential influencer has with his subscribers rather than just the volume. With the help of Buzzweb check out:

  • Engagement rate of the blogger;
  • Rate of the blogger which was formed by the advertisers that have already collaborated with him.

Buzzweb dashboard where you can see the engagement and the rate of the influencers

One more step here is to check out influencers profile:

  • How often does he reply to comments?
  • What’s his attitude toward negative ones?

1.2 Quantity

You need to choose 20 influencers, as only 10 of them will be ready to collaborate, according to Buzzweb statistics. First, recruit 5 bloggers to create posts with and check out the subtotal:

  • What were the comments to your sponsored post?
  • How many of new followers have your social pages got?
  • What was the increase of your website traffic?
  • What were the changes in your sales?

If you’re satisfied with the results create 5 similar posts with these 5 influencers. Also, recruit the other 5 influencers to create the similar posts.

If the results are not good enough there is a chance you need to collaborate with bloggers who have another audience. Update your primary requirements using the audience targeting tool and select another 20 influencers to repeat the round. 

One more reason for poor results is poor content. Read more about it below.

2. Create An Engaging Content

2.1 Authenticity

Let your ad post look like any other post of your influencer. Influencer marketing works because of the bloggers’ personalities and the relationship they build with their followers. Don’t script all of their promotional content. It should be natural. Give your influencers creative freedom and you will get an authentic post that will meet followers’ expectations. That is what you are paying for.

Even if your product isn’t suitable for creating something original, an influencer can engage the audience by telling a story around it. Since bloggers are talented content creators, they could come up with a unique use case for your product and then demonstrate this use in an engaging manner — whether it’s humorous or intriguing.

2.2 Freebies

Provide your influencer with a free access to your product to get to know it better. This will help you to get unique content, including both — picture and caption.  An influencer speaking honestly about your product could help build trust with your target audience. His followers will know that you are not pushing him to rave about your products and may grow to trust you.  

2.3 Contest

Who doesn’t like getting something for free? When you send freebies to the chosen influencers, you can send a few extra products that they can use for hosting giveaways. Giveaway contests can compel an audience to engage with your brand because they have a chance to win something. There are several types of the giveaway contests:

  • Likes and shares. This is one of the easiest contests to host. Your influencer needs to ask his subscribers to like or share your sponsored post, or both to get the chance to win. The advantage of this contest is that it’s not hard for people to take part in it, so you can easily increase the engagement.
  • Comments. Asking social media users to comment as an entry is similar to a like contest and it’s just what it sounds like. Let your influencers subscribers know they need to comment on the post to get a prize which is your product. If your goals are to gain valuable feedback and increase post engagement, a comment entry contest is an excellent way to go.
  • Tagging.  A contest that requires tagging helps your brand get direct, organic traffic to your company’s  social media pages, making it especially helpful for growing followers.

2.4 Call to action

This may sound obvious, but it’s the thing that many marketers forget about. A call to action could be the difference between no engagement at all versus a powerful conversation. Using the right call to action reminds influencer’s followers that they can do more than just exploring the content. It shows the action you want them to take, such as visiting your website, request a demo, or get a free consultation.

After all, you can suggest following your brand’s page. That’s the most simple action that will show you whether you have chosen the right influencer and audience.

3. Prepare Your Assets  

Once new audiences hear of your brand, they’re going to search your own social pages and website. Note you have just a few seconds to attract the attention and to get new followers and leads.

So, make sure your social media pages and website:

  • Are updated;
  • Have useful and good looking content;
  • Have a call to action.

4. Measure ROI 

Measuring ROI is one of top three major issues of influencer marketing. Brands and agencies have been struggling with it for many years, particularly when it comes to areas such as content and social.

There are three ways to overcome this challenge:

1. Instead of looking at direct financial return it would be smarter to consider the specific non-financial goals of your influencer campaign. It could be a number of new subscribers of your social media pages, new visitors of your website, as well the engagement of your sponsored content.

Note that to get the accurate data on traffic you need to turn off any of your other ads like google ads or Facebook promotion.

2. Generate unique promo code for each of the influencer you partner with. Ask all of them to mention their codes in your sponsored posts. This will help you to find out the efficiency of each influencer and track the revenue he brings you.

3. Choose the tools that will count leads within your advertising campaign and help you to analyze them. This can be a landing page or google analytics utm codes.

Use our influencer marketing ultimate guide to drive your brand awareness and sales. Sign up to Buzzweb and check out all platform’s opportunities.  

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