Three Major Influencer Marketing Issues

Last Updated: 01.09.2017 11:27
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Econsultancy and Fashion and Beauty Monitor have prepared a report covering the top three influencer marketing issues that marketers face when it comes to collaborating with social media influencers. And we have prepared some helpful tips to overcome these challenges. Have a look.

1. Identifying The Right Influencers

Marketers are realizing that it takes more than a quick Twitter or Instagram search to find relevant and valuable bloggers.

This issue could come down to an education gap, or it could be down to brands simply lacking the effective tools to carry out influencer research.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge in working with influencers?

Four tips to overcome this challenge:

1. While looking through the list of the potential influencers to partner with, ask yourself whether each particular influencer, his/her friends, or family members will use your product in their daily activities.  

2. Check out whether the influencers you are going to collaborate with had already created posts promoting the same price category products as your product is.  Have a look at the engagement of that posts.

3. Use Buzzweb primary audience targeting tool to see whose followers are your target audience. With the help of this tool, you can find influencers which subscribers are of those gender, age, and countries that you need.

4. Use Buzzweb influencer account selection tool to find influencers of your brand category (fashion, sports, food, and 19 more), as well as to set a number of followers that you prefer your influencers to have, and the influencers’ countries.

2. Measuring ROI 

This problem certainly isn’t unique to influencer marketing. Advertisers have been struggling with ROI for many years, especially when it comes to areas such as content and social.

Q: How do you measure the success of a campaign where influencers have been used as part of the strategy?

Three tips to overcome this challenge:

1. Instead of looking at direct financial return it would be more useful to consider the specific non-financial goals of your influencer marketing campaign. It could be a number of new followers of your social media pages, generated web traffic, or the engagement of your sponsored content.

2. Generate unique promo codes for each of your influencers. Ask them to mention the codes in your sponsored posts. This will help you to find out the efficiency of each influencer and the revenue he has brought you.

3. Use a tool that will help you to count and analyze leads within your influencer marketing campaign. This could be a landing page or google analytics utm codes.

3. Getting Influencers’ Attention And Engaging Them

On the one hand, this problem stems from the increasing popularity of influencer marketing. As more advertisers want to get on board, demand for influencers goes up, which means brands have to work harder to win them over.

On the other hand, influencers are sure that because they have their followers, they have the power. And of course, the one who has the power should be careful in how he uses it. That’s why bloggers prefer to work with brands which values align with their own.

Three tips to overcome this challenge:

1. Use Buzzweb influencer marketing marketplace. All its influencers are looking for sponsors and get email notifications when brand contacts them using the platform. So, despite being interested in a collaboration, they won’t miss your offer.

2. To have the best chance of engaging an influencer, you need to not only offer a financial reward but also propose ideas that are relevant and of interest to the influencer and his/her followers. After all, the influencers themselves have a brand to protect.

3. Try to offer the collaboration to micro influencers with 5—7k of followers who don’t have many sponsored posts. They’re more likely to answer, as they’re just stepping into the advertising business.

The rise of influencer marketing doesn’t seem to be slowing, and it’s easy to see why. That’s why it’s important to overcome its challenges and know the tips and tools that can help you to benefit.

Any of the influencer marketing issues can be solved with the help of the right tool.  


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