5 Tips To Find New Ideas For Your Posts

This is bound to happen to you or maybe it already has. Your mind seems to be jam-packed, you cannot come up with any new ideas, you are short of topics to write about in your blog.  You take a week long coffee break to reboot. Not an option? You’ve got used to posting daily, your followers have got used to reading you daily, so you just have to move forward. OK, we’re here to help.

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5 Politicians Who We Would Follow As Bloggers, But They Took The Wrong Path

Politics and blogging have a lot in common. Openness, readiness to hasty feedback, and, of course, a bit of self-admiration are things needed to top the wave of people’s love and hate which is the first and foremost condition for success.

We counted that the humanity lost at least five potentially popular bloggers. They all have become politicians. Let’s take a crystal ball and imagine the world where Bill Clinton shoots weird videos and Queen Elizabeth II posts on Instagram from the Maldives’ beach.    

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Blogger Success Story: @Daddownload

We are launching a series of guest interviews with top bloggers who share their stories, best practices, and tips.

Today @daddownload, an Instagram influencer, who has 22k Instagram followers and posts about his daughter and parenting, will tell us how he has gained his first 1k followers, what apps help him to produce the content and why he is not fond of analyzing post results. The blogger will also share his 4 tips to engage followers.

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