Study: Social Media Influencers Want To Get Paid

Last Updated: 13.09.2017 15:34
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Social media influencers are becoming more professional but still value their authenticity and want to get paid for content initiated by brands, according to a new research of Vuelio and Canterbury Christ Church University.

First of all, the study shows that bloggers are highly aware of their influence and believe they should be paid for it. In total, 58% influencers state they should be rewarded for the coverage they give brands.

Second, most of the influencers blog for personal reasons. At the same time, they have a strong interest in developing it commercially.

Reasons for blogging

Another remarkable finding is that 45% of influencers spend more than 10 hours per week on their blog. And Instagram and Pinterest are are the most popular platforms among females. That statistics probably reflects a focus on visual channels, revealing the topics of blogs they are most likely to address, like fashion and lifestyle. On the contrary, men are more likely to use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Time spent on blogging

Most frequently used social media to promote and share blog content

Social media platforms used by males and females to promote their blogs

Also, over 35% of bloggers are pitched every day or even more often by PR specialists — and the frequency is increasing. However, despite that high frequency of pitches, most of influencers state that only one pitch a week results in a content on their blog. The patterns are very similar for those writing for personal reasons and those writing professionally.

This fact might demonstrate that targeting and finding a right influencer is a challenge for PR professionals and they’re not aware of proper tools to run their influencer marketing campaigns. In case you’re also facing this issue — check out Buzzweb.

Together with this, influencers clearly state that their personal opinion of the brand is the major factor in deciding whether a pitch would result in a blog post. That means to find influencers brand need to analyze each blog and its audience. Once again, that is the question of the solid influencer marketing software.

Number of times per week influencers are pitched to

Number of pitches made against whether this resulted in a blog post

Main reason pitches are successful

Finally, influencers agree that disclosure about who is behind any sponsorship of their blog is essential. Not surprisingly most of the professional bloggers are more likely to agree that sponsorship disclosure is important.

Similarly, professional bloggers are more likely to agree that they should be paid for brand coverage.

Influencer marketing trends

The reward was ranked as the number one biggest issue in 2016. This year influencers are more vexed by PR specialists not getting their details right and failing to receive a feedback after contacting a PR.

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