Study: Instagram Videos Grow Your Engagement

Last Updated: 21.09.2017 9:10
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Instagram’s video engagement increased 53% from 2016. This is higher than the growth rate for Instagram pictures which is 46%, according to a NewsWhip report covered by eMarketer. However, photos still get more “likes” and comments and generate greater engagement rate.

In addition, the study showed that Instagram engagement for popular news & media publishers like Bleacher Report and Time increased in the past year with growth as high as 687% for BuzzFeed News and 422% for Fox News.

Number of content interactions on posts from popular news & media publishers on Instagram worldwide

Together with this, leading publishers began creating and posting more video content comparing to previous years. People magazine, for example, shared 13 video posts in May 2016 and 122 in May 2017. The statistics demonstrate a considerable shift as publishers take note of video’s appeal to Instagrammers.

Number of video content from popular news & media publishers on Instagram worldwide

Instagram has also done several things to make videos more attractive and convenient to brands, including extending the maximum video length from 30 seconds to 60 seconds in February 2016. In January, it introduced the Stories feature as an alternative to a standard video format.

Thus, Instagram micro influencers and brands who are interested in Instagram influencer marketing got more advertising opportunities, as videos let the product reviews be more detailed and full, as well as more creative. And this could result in the growth of the amount of sponsored posts published by Instagram influencers.

According to Buzzweb statistics collected from its best Instagram influencers, creating and posting video content costs 5-10% higher than creating and posting a picture, as it takes more time to produce and approve it. It also requires some more equipment to produce a high-quality video content. However, such a bit higher price isn’t a challenge for brands that want to benefit from Instagram influencer marketing.

The tip for brands and Instagram influencers, in this case, is to try sponsored video content instead of standard photos, as videos also have the highest ROI among all types of content, according to some experts.




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