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Regardless of who you are — an influencer or a brand representative, you might be interested in what differentiates good photos from great. Especially it’s a good question to ask for those who’d like to expand a business or make money on Instagram.

This article will explore the main points that can help your page look much more attractive and professional.

1. Gear Up Your Smartphone

Depending on your page style and focus, you should think what additional tools may be useful.

External lenses

Clip-on lenses are great external devices that can capture images in 180 degree. Majority of modern lenses are suitable for any Smartphones and have different settings, such as wide angle Fisheye, Macro 10x and Macro 15x.

Source: Thewirecutter

Portable LED lights 

They are also called selfie rings. However, they can be used in many more scenarios, not just for selfies, but for videos and photography with the front camera too.

The very first thing that any cameraman learns is the skill to set up the correct lighting because the quality of the pictures automatically gets higher.

Therefore, modern selfie rings are not just affordable (from USD 20-30) and portable but also multifunctional — with different lighting modes.

Source: Selfiehalo

2. Create a miracle with a right composition

The correct composition is directly related to the attractiveness of images.

Rule of thirds

This famous rule states that your composition should be divided into 9 equal squares. And you should capture an object in the intersections of the lines or along them. This will make your pictures look natural and balanced.

In order to follow this rule, you can use the grid lines on your Smartphone.

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Negative space

Although negative space sounds like something negative, it’s a positive thing. It simply refers to empty space around and between the subjects in the picture.

Have you ever noticed how well subjects are balanced in Japanese art? They use Zen principle. That means to avoid any unnecessary details and focus on something truly important.

Likewise, you can apply this principle on your Instagram page.

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Use reflections to your advantage, they are captivating. It’s a good idea to look for reflections in glass, water, puddles, metal cans, bottles, windows and pretty much anything that shines.

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Leading lines

A leading line is a great eye-stopper. There are plenty of examples where the leading lines can be captured on camera, e.g. the roads, paths, mazes, waves, curves and even stairs.

@helen.chung, Buzzweb Instagram influencer

@aworldofdresses, Buzzweb Instagram influencer


Symmetry creates a feeling of structure and rhythm in our minds. Look for geometrically correct forms and figures for your images to become magnetizing.

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Repetitive patterns

Repetitive patterns can also make the strong visual impact.

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Focus on small details

Details that are not always visible. But they matter and have such a magnetizing effect because everything in the world consists of pieces. Therefore, if you see something beautiful among “regular things”, people will appreciate it.

In order to make close up shots, be sure to apply sharpen settings in your camera.

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A study by Golle, Mast & Lobmaier has shown that emotional expressions of happiness influence the judgment of attractiveness. Moreover, less attractive but happy faces are judged as equally or even more attractive than attractive but less smiling faces for both male and female faces.

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3. Final Touches

Editing is the final touch and you should not underestimate it. You can do color correction with standard Instagram filters or download millions of others with additional Apps. Look for contrast, rotate, and try to stick to the vibe of the picture when choosing the right filter. Search the Apps that can adjust the “ambience” of your pictures.

In regards to any unwanted objects or blemishes that can sometimes spoil the shot, there are Apps that can remove them too, such as TouchRetouch, A Color Story or Snapseed.

Another cool thing you can do is color blocking, using which you can highlight the most important elements and leave the rest in gray. It might require more efforts and professional software like Photoshop or App like Touch Color or Color Splash Pro for instance, but the result will definitely worth it.

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Final Tips

Once you have all these cool things, like new Apps, Selfie Ring and lens, you will probably try to use them everywhere and every time. After experimenting, it will be so tempting to show them off on your Instagram page. But it’s worth keeping in mind that too many effects are as bad as (or even worse than) no effects at all.

“A little” can go quite a long way when you’re searching for excellence. It’s easy to spoil a good shot with all those tools available at your fingertips.

Therefore, once you took a photo and edited it, wait a little while, look at it for the second time with fresh eyes and then decide if it’s okay to upload. Also, you can try using Apps like Feed Master or Visual Instagram Planner in order to see a preview of your posts in Instagram.

And the last thing to remember, sometimes it’s worth shooting the moments — not the subjects. Our lives consist of moments, emotions and experiences and the more emotions you can portray through your images, the greater awe they will create.

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