Study: 60% Of Businesses State Social Media Marketing Brings Them New Customers

Last Updated: 28.09.2017 10:49
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A study conducted by Forrester Consulting has shown that social media marketing drives essential business results, including customer retention and client base growth.

Below are the percentages of marketing professionals who have invested in social media marketing and noticed its influence on their key performance indicators:

  • Helped them acquire new clients — 60%
  • Improved customer retention — 57%
  • Increased their conversion rates — 57%
  • Grown customer loyalty — 50%

Q: What does better describes how your company engages in the following SMM activities?

To what extent does your company prioritize the following as part of its overall SMM efforts?

The research surveyed 100+ U.S. social media marketing specialists who were responsible for social media strategy and social media technology purchasing in their firms. The respondents represented B2B and B2C businesses, as well as agencies that are generating $100 million or more in annual revenue.

Buzzweb findings prove that along with brand awareness growth SMM and micro influencer marketing, in particular, drive sales. And data from other studies indicate that in the coming years brands will benefit from micro influencer marketing even more, as there will be an incredible uprise in the numbers of social media users.


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