Small Following, Big Influence

Last Updated: 25.10.2017 16:37
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A study conducted by L2 has found that micro influencers see the highest engagement rates and collaborate with brands eight times more than mega influencers.

The company has analyzed 922 brand pages on Instagram and identified 5,000 influencer mentions. Of these, 394 bloggers were selected for a more in-depth research. On their personal Instagram pages, a total of 374 companies from 14 verticals were mentioned.

Influencer categorization and count

  • The first important finding of the study is that community size impacts the bloggers reach and engagement but not in a linear way. While micro influencers have the highest engagement rates by far, celebrity and mega influencers also see elevated rates on average.

    That is why micro influencers are better for targeting and connecting with potential customers and driving sales comparing to celebrity bloggers. Also, micro influencers can expose brands to niche audiences build around common interests, from cooking deserts to hiking peaks of the Adirondacks.

    And celebrity bloggers are more efficient while growing brand awareness, as they increase the reach of influencer marketing campaigns.

  • The second important finding is that micro influencers post sponsored content eight times more than celebrity and mega influencers but still trail their larger counterparts in absolute reach by a wide margin. As micro influencers have a higher percentage of promotional content, their followers may be vulnerable to brand overload.

    The tip here is to be picky and use influencer marketing tools that demonstrate bloggers rate, created by other advertisers. For example, Buzzweb advertisers rate the influencers they have partnered with, thus identifying the most engaging ones for others.

Regardless the number of followers influencers can be a powerful tool for generating social media engagement. Whether the creator has thousands of subscribers or millions, these charismatic figures routinely hold greater sway over their communities than brands could ever hope to archive on their own.

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