How To Set The Right Goals And Achieve The Best Results From Influencer Marketing

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In influencer marketing, your goals determine your strategy for each campaign and its success. And every single effort will definitely produce different results. This is why you need a clear strategy for each effort and to state the objective you want to achieve without mincing words. And this is why it’s imperative to define your goals clearly and choose feasible strategies.

In recent years, popular brands have seen influencer marketing as the fastest way of enhancing their exposure and reaching out to millions of potential customers. Numbers don’t lie — Adweek Digital reports that 94% of brands and persons that have utilized influencer marketing strategy was successful.

Influence marketing is worth the time and money. It is suitable for any new brand in securing more exposure. Hence, we need a clear plan of how things are going to happen, where the keyword here is FOCUS. Focus on your campaign goals and work towards achieving every one of them.  While running an influencer marketing campaign, one call to action should be the target — most potential audiences engage just once with an ad. The instruction has to be clear for there to be real conversion.

Some main goals for influence marketing and their strategies have been outlined below.

Your Goal Is To Build Brand Awareness?

The goal of creating brand awareness is mostly adopted by new brands that wish to get their names on the lips of people. An already established brand also needs some time to set the goal of creating awareness about an upcoming event or its new product.

Since any brand intends to build strong BRAND AWARENESS, your strategy should be one that will be able to secure as many mentions and many shares as possible for you. For now, making sales should be out of the question – it might come but not at this stage.

At this juncture, start small and gentle on the influencers, don’t force massive promotions on them as it might turn out to be bad if you do.

Here are some influencer marketing strategies that will work:

• Brand mentions: Your influencers can casually introduce your brand by mentioning something like he/she has just used the product or has given it to his/her sister as a birthday gift or has used it for any other personal occasions.

• Product reviews: People love to read other people’s opinion on any particular brand. Dana Rebecca Designs recently reported that 72% of Instagram users have made a fashion- or beauty-related purchase after seeing the product on Instagram. Therefore, getting influencers to share a screenshot of positive reviews about your brand or make their own reviews of your products can also go a long way.

• Encourage sharing: Influencers can motivate their followers to do reposts, retweets and “like” the content. This can very well be presented in a form of a new challenge — or a witty thought that your influencers’ followers just won’t be able to pass by.

• Contests: Contest is a great tool to attract the attention of your potential clients. According to Iconosquare, 70% of Instagram users have already taken part in a contest, or report that they would.  So, send several samples of your product to your bloggers and ask them to host giveaways.

Planning To Increase Your Social Media Followers?

Strategies that are in place to increase brand awareness will simultaneously increase your number of followers and boost your social media engagement. This is like killing two birds with one stone. It sounds good, right?

Nevertheless, ask your influencers to:

• Tag your profile in their posts. That’s in case you are collaborating with Instagram influencers.

• Mention your profile in their captions/tweets.

• Add your special hashtags.

• One more tip on how to get new followers is just to pay your bloggers for reposting/retweeting your most popular content featuring some of their own authentic comment.

Want To Generate Leads and Sales?

Of course, all strategies mentioned above will boost your sales. But here’re some more strategies that are exactly about sales:

• Custom coupon codes: People love discounts, so offer coupon codes to your influencers’ followers. According to Iconosquare, 41% of Instagrammers state that they follow, or would follow a brand to take advantage of perks and giveaways. So go ahead and give followers that incentive. That’s why offering discounts at the launching of each product will make people buy more.  

• Call to action: Ask your influencers to suggest to their followers to buy and check out your product or get a free trial of your service. That’s the most direct way to boost your sales. And the most difficult thing here for influencers is to remain authentic. That is what their followers expect and that is what you’re paying for. So, let influencers have control over the content and don’t put pressure on them. Just ask them to remember the general message, which is “buy this”.

Final Words

Influencer marketing is a great way to establish your brand, reach out to millions of potential customers and make sales as well. But to achieve all these, it is advisable to follow the tips outlined above.

Make your goals to match your strategies, find influencers and work hand in hand with them to achieve massive results. And Buzzweb has an awesome influencer marketing feature which will help you. 

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