How To Properly Prepare Your Brand Page On Instagram For Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Last Updated: 11.10.2017 10:06
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We recently wrote that to run the best influencer marketing campaigns you need to prepare your social media pages properly. In this article, we will dwell more on Instagram. How should your Instagram page look like to attract new followers and turn them into fans of your brand and, most importantly, paying customers?

Add A Link To Your Site

Or even better — to the landing page you created specifically for the leads you fetch from Instagram. In Instagram, there is only one place to share a clickable link — at the profile description.

Why the landing page? We will discuss this in the next paragraph.

Make Special Offers To Your Subscribers

According to Iconosquare study, 41% of Instagrammers state that they follow, or would follow, a brand to take advantage of perks and giveaways, give followers that incentive. That is why special offers will bring you more followers and grow your sales.

And that is what you need a landing page for. You can’t make special offers to Instagrammers without a separate landing page for them, as landing page helps to boost and track sales generated within each of sales channels.

A special offer can come not only in the form of seasonal discount but also in the form of a giveaway. Anyone who wants to participate in your giveaway could be expected to subscribe to you. However, the rules are up to you.

Try to come up with one special offer for your Instagram followers once a quarter or during holidays. For example, the Thanksgiving Day would be an excellent occasion to offer discounts to your followers if you sell household items. The Woman’s Day — for beauty and fashion brands. Black Friday — for any.

Come Up With Your Personal Hashtag

Use your personal hashtag in all your posts. This will come in handy in the special offers we mentioned above. For example, when you organize a giveaway for those who post with your personal hashtag all Instagram users will find all your posts when they click on it. And that makes them more likely to visit your profile.

Add Geo-Targeting

Geo-tagging is seldom-used but effective Instagram tool. According to Adweek, only 5% of Instagram posts tag a location, but statistically, posts with a geotag get 79% more engagement. It’ll be especially useful for a coffee shop chain, a beauty salon, or a fitness center — that is, a place where a potential client can go to find you or your products and buy. Geo-tagging is also useful for B2B businesses during the announcement of its seminar or its participation in a conference.

Make Your Pictures Look Professional

Instagram image size is 612px by 612px. This means important details of the photo should be placed within the box. Also, avoid blurry images because this will drive away your potential followers — Instagram users are mainly focused on beautiful pictures.

Besides, choose your color palette. Your logo colors can be chosen as the base ones for your Instapage. You can combine them with 5 shades to become the additional colors. In case your company has a style guide, just follow it. And always use the same filter. This would make your page look harmonious and stylish and help any of your influencer marketing campaigns to succeed.

Use Tools For Instagram “Shopping”

Remember that we said the only clickable link on Instagram is your bio? While Instagram’s app itself doesn’t allow followers to click through to product pages, third-party apps like Like2Buy can help you with it. Use this app to bridge the gap between Instagram content and online purchases.

Clicking the link takes visitors to the Like2Buy site, which shows all the Instagram photos that contain products. Followers can click on their favorite Instagram posts and be taken straight to the ecommerce product page to make a purchase. The site even lets users view “wish lists.” All the Instagram pictures they’ve liked are grouped into a single place.

Another helpful app is Soldsie. It is similar to Like2Buy, but it’s arranged so that Instagram users can purchase an item from your Instagram feed without leaving the app. Just post a product to Instagram so that your customers can comment “sold” on the photo. Once a follower comments sold, he/she is sent a mobile-friendly invoice to complete the purchase. The customer can pay via PayPal or a credit card.

Avoid Pushy And Aggressive Sales

Despite the fact that you need your Instagram profile to raise brand awareness and boost sales, don’t be too persistent in your call-to-action to buy your product. Since Instagram is a photo-sharing service, it’s pictures that should enable followers to make their own conclusions about how your product will affect their lives and how it will make them look.

Eliminate the seller effect and become an informer about the lifestyle associated with your product. Attract buyers with beautiful pictures of this lifestyle. Create captions that are catchy in terms of this lifestyle. And avoid price tags and composition; interested followers will get to know them later on your landing page.

A study showed that Nike devoted 60% of their Facebook posts to lifestyle content, unlike the traditional photo of a product and calls to action. Adidas had a more conservative 32%. As a result, Nike had 8 times more social engagement than Adidas: 993 reposts for a post against 122. So what do we say about Instagram — a social networking site, where users come for inspiration and stylish ideas?

Follow our tips to run the best influencer marketing campaigns. And remember to check out Buzzweb influencer network in order to find influencers proper for your brand for free. Good luck!

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