Millennials Are Wary Of Celebrity Ads

Last Updated: 04.12.2017 13:02
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Roth Capital Partners found out that 78% of millennials either had a negative view of celebrity influencer marketing campaigns or were indifferent to the practice with regard to purchasing the product promoted by the celebrity.

Another survey conducted by Collective Bias demonstrated that only 22.1% of US adult internet users were more likely to buy a holiday gift from an unknown brand on the strength of a celebrity endorsement.

That outcome actually seems to reflect a wider attitude in which celebrity advertisement is losing its sheen. Millions of followers of famous actors, models, and sports stars are hardly engaged by celebrity content and are not really interested in purchasing anything. All they do is enjoying colorful and stylish pics.

On the other hand, micro influencers’ endorsement has the highest engagement: the smaller is the following — the higher is the engagement. Any of micro influencers’ endorsement most closely approximate personal recommendations.

Roth has also found that repetition appears to play an important role in influencer marketing campaigns. 50% of millennials surveyed said an influencer’s repeated use of a product was more important than a one-time endorsement.

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