When Is It Best To Engage Top Social Media Influencers, And When Are Micro Influencers A Better Fit?

Last Updated: 01.11.2017 9:45
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According to Buzzweb observations, advertisers tend to chase big numbers. But that’s not always correct, considering all of the opportunities provided by influencer marketing. It’s more accurate for the number of your influencer’s followers to be contingent upon the goal of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Let’s discuss the most efficient ways to employ bloggers with different-sized audiences. When is it best to engage top social media influencers and when are micro influencers a better fit?

Top influencers mean a broader audience and a greater outreach.
Micro influencers mean a niche audience and a greater engagement.

These characteristics are what determines the goals you may set within your influencer marketing campaigns.

Thus, top social media influencers are more efficient in:

  1. Increasing brand awareness of any brand. The bigger is the audience familiarized with your content, the more likely is an increase in brand exposure and brand awareness.
  2. Launching a new product by a popular brand. If a brand is familiar to the general public, it’s best to launch its new product by telling a wide audience about it. For instance, you can check out this list of Instagram top social media influencers 2017

In turn, micro influencers are the best match for:

  1. Launching a new brand. Due to micro influencers’ high social media engagement rate, it’s easy to test your hypothesis regarding the new brand’s target audience and gather feedback. The number of likes in proportion to the number of a blogger’s followers, as well as the number and contents of the comments will tell you all you need to know.
  2. Launching a new product by a lesser-known or niche brand. Here, once again, micro influencers’ high social media engagement rate allows to access whether you’ve selected the right target audience for your product, and what your potential customers think about your new product.
  3. Growing sales of any brand. Here at Buzzweb can see that the multimillion followers of models and star fashion influencers are scarcely engaged by their content and hardly interested in purchasing anything. All they do is gaze at bikini photos and fashion looks of these top social media influencers.

    Micro influencers’ advertising, on the other hand, most closely approximates personal recommendations. Micro influencers are capable of generating sales because people trust them.

Thus, numbers really do matter. But bigger doesn’t mean better. That’s why you have to consider the goals of your influencer marketing campaigns before you find influencers. The more precise your goal planning is, the better your results you get.

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