Mega vs. Micro. Top Reason To Choose Micro Influencers To Boost Your Sales

Last Updated: 26.10.2017 11:45

Selecting an advertising influencer based on the fact that “all my friends / the whole East Coast / I myself” follow him or her never fails to disappoint. Here at Buzzweb we have frequently observed how brands achieve excellent results by advertising exclusively on profiles with 10-100k followers. Why?

With low publication prices and an anomalously high engagement rate, micro influencers possess a strongly pronounced audience core. Advertising in such accounts most closely approximates personal recommendations. Moreover, most micro bloggers are eager to work on barter terms or with a relatively small budget of $200-300 per publication.

Let’s imagine that you’re planning to sell athletic attire, and you have allocated $2,000 per month for Instagram influencer marketing. You can collaborate with one popular fitness blogger with a million followers, who’ll swallow up all of your budget after negotiations, or you can advertise in ten sports-themed micro blogs with 100k followers each. Which will you choose?


Average engagement

Price per post

One mega influencer



$ 2,000

Ten micro influencers








Due to micro influencers’ low publication prices, you’ll get the same outreach while increasing the engagement rate by 6%.

Influencers with a small audience devote a lot of attention to their content. By virtue of their personalized approach, they engage the audience in a deeper manner and stimulate sales.

Micro influencers may become your favorite influence agents. You’ll obtain a flexible and efficient tool for managing your brand’s reputation on the internet. The company’s correct positioning in the social media along with influencer marketing will transform your customers into brand ambassadors who promote your product of their own accord.

Thus, the number of followers is relevant, but there’s no direct correlation between audience size and efficiency. At first glance, advertising on top blogs is most productive, but if you compare market prices and engagement rates, micro influencers are superior in efficiency.

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Kate Nut
++ Editor