How Does Influencer Marketing Work in Telecom, Food & Beverage, and Game Dev Industries? Case Studies and Insights

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Everybody is talking about influencer marketing — from Forbes to in-demand marketing experts. But let’s have a look at specific facts and figures. Let’s discuss video game marketing, food marketing, and telecom marketing campaigns run by social media influencers.

Here are 3 influencer marketing case studies we conducted at Buzzweb and the insights that we’d like to share with you in order to make the market more transparent and understandable.

Game Dev Influencer Marketing Insights

  • Gamedev is a very niche market as far as the number of influencers — there are very few. And it’s hard to get in touch with them. Only every fifth one will respond to your inquiry.Our tip is to search for niche bloggers through other niche bloggers of the same category, since they are usually well-acquainted with each other and sometimes even create featured posts. They might recommend you someone or you may search for mentions of other bloggers in their feed.
  • In case of Instagram, games can’t be downloaded from posts directly. Thus, you need to understand your campaign goal — whether it’s to create hype about the game, or to get real downloads and users. In the first case, you need wide outreach and numerous top bloggers. In the second, a giveaway is a good idea — provide your influencers’ followers with free game codes. Here the best way to go would be to agree with a blogger to paste all the necessary information and a clickable link in his\her bio.
  • It’s crucial to provide a game code to your influencers to make them positive about your brand and demonstrate what they’re recommending. A blogger may play your game several days, and only then begin to come up with a creative idea for your game advertisement. Video game marketing campaign run by influencers takes more time than similar food marketing or telecom marketing campaigns.

    In one of our cases below an influencer requested 10 days of preparation, and we obtained one of the best results.

Sega Instagram influencer marketing case study

Сampaign overview: Sega wanted to create awareness of a new game, Football Manager 2018, in the USA. We launched a giveaway campaign so that the influencers could engage more fans and reach out to as many potential game fans as possible.


  • 9 social influencers involved
  • 10 unique content assets (photos and videos) created and posted on Instagram
  • Total combined followers: 985k
  • Total impressions: 339,149
  • Total engagements (likes and comments): 38,741
  • Average engagement rate: 14%

Conclusion: Over the course of the 2-week campaign close to 340,000 potential fans discovered the game.

Food & Beverage Influencer Marketing Insights

  • Food & Beverage industry, on the other hand, has a wide range of relevant bloggers for efficient cooperation. You can be promoted not only by food influencers, but also lifestyle, and even parent and travel bloggers – depending on the type of your product. Although if you are promoting an innovative food product, it’s better to stick with the food blog segment.
  • Lifestyle and travel bloggers are some of the most affordable on the market. A post in a Twitter blog with 10-50k followers costs $100. And a post in a Twitter blog with 50-100k followers – $150. And you can even send your product to the food influencers with under 10k followers and get a free mention.
  • While promoting any beverage or food product you’d better to choose 10 micro influencers with 10-50k followers each and pay them $1,000 rather than 1 top influencer with 500k followers and pay him\her $1,500.

    Due to micro influencers’ low publication prices, you’ll get the same outreach while increasing the engagement rate by 6% and saving $500.

    Food promotion


    Average engagement

    Price per one post

    One top influencer



    $ 1,500

    Ten micro influencers








  • Meanwhile, lifestyle bloggers are also the leaders in the number of advertisements. Thus, in order to be visible in their feed and distinguish yourself from other advertisers – agree in advance that one day before your sponsored post and on the next day they won’t publish any other advertising.

Podista Instagram influencer marketing case study

Сampaign overview: The client wanted to create content that would attract women caring for their families’ leisure, support its brand awareness level and increase sales in Manchester and London.


  • 3 social influencers involved
  • Total reach combined followers: 164k
  • Total likes: 11,5K
  • Average engagement rate: 10%

Conclusion: Even a short-term food promotion campaign with a small number of posts can support your brand — the key is to find the right influencers.

Telecom Influencer Marketing Insights

  • Here you also have a vast blogger pool. You can use lifestyle, humor, or business influencers for telecom advertising.
  • However, any telecom advertising campaign will be more successful if all your sponsored posts are integrated into a single story with a single message. In our case, it was summer leisure-related humor, thus the blogger pool was narrowed down to humor-bloggers.
  • Ask your influencers to examine your service, so that they are able to quickly respond to simple relevant questions in the comments. With that purpose in mind, creating an FAQ for him\her is a good idea.

Plusnet Twitter influencer marketing case study

Сampaign overview: Plusnet wanted to raise its brand awareness by bringing honest but amusing holiday moments to the social media. The campaign was targeted at a fairly broad mainstream audience, with a focus on people aged 30+. Those who may not be super tech-savvy, but like the benefits technology provides. Value-focused, but not at the expense of quality. Simple, clever, as well as fair and straightforward.


  • 13 top social media influencers involved
  • 14 unique humor posts created and tweeted
  • Total reach: 2,043,581
  • Total content impressions: 377,921
  • Total likes, retweets, and hashtag clicks: 45,044
  • Average engagement rate: 18.8%

Conclusion: An influencer marketing campaign with the appropriate number of posts, an integrated message and precise selection of bloggers who correspond to the brand spirit allowed to significantly increase brand awareness.

Basic Tips

Here is the final advice for businesses from any field — you have to make very clear arrangements with your influencers regarding the terms of the advertising post.

According to our experience, there is a number of issues that come up in cooperation with unscrupulous influencers.

1. The blogger published a post, received the payment and disappeared off the radars. You have to make it clear in advance that the deal includes providing post-publication analytics, i.e. a week later.

2. The blogger may remove the post if you haven’t explicitly stated that the post is supposed to be permanent.

3. The blogger “shared” your post with another sponsor’s post, thus decreasing the number of ad posts in his or her feed, while you received less attention.

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