ICO Influencer Marketing: Cases And Insights

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ICO influencer marketing and cryptocurrency influencer marketing are on the rise. Why? New cryptocurrencies are finding themselves increasingly competing in ever-crowded spaces, wondering what could set them apart from the others and attract the attention of their target audience. It’s no wonder, the efficient way to succeed for many of ICO projects is to be promoted by cryptocurrency influencers.

Here at Buzzweb we have run five ICO influencer marketing campaigns. And here are our insights and tips on working with cryptocurrency influencers.

Insights And Tips

Influencer selection

1. Geo. While determining the desired geolocation note that сryptocurrency influencers have an international audience. Even if an influencer is physically based in the USA, only 25% of his/her followers will also be from there. The rest will be from all over the world. Crypto is trending everywhere, and it’s a global product.

2. Industries. Many сryptocurrency influencers are interested in a specific sphere. For example, if they are into banking, they won’t agree to advertise a retail or real estate ICO.

3. Platforms. There are fewer YouTube bloggers, and they are more in demand. They publish less content – just 2-3 videos a week. Thus, engaging YouTubers in a campaign is more difficult. Based on our observations, the waitlist for a good crypto-YouTuber is a month.

So, you should allow more time for cryptocurrency marketing videos, along with a bigger budget. The cost of cooperating with a crypto-YouTuber starts at $4,000.

4. Pitching. The cryptocurrency scene is full of uncertainty, there’s lots of junk there. That’s why bloggers will treat your offer with greater mistrust. They receive hundreds of offers to promote various projects, and you need to distinguish yourself from others and inspire trust.

That’s why in the very first message you should enclose your whitepaper and links to reputable ratings, as well as any other data that attests to your project’s legitimacy.

5. Feedback. Cryptocurrency influencers live and breathe this stuff, and they can immediately recognize the alarming signs in a project. That’s why they won’t promote your ICO if they are doubtful about it — their reputation is on the line. If they’re troubled by something — you won’t be able to convince them otherwise, so don’t waste your time.

Meanwhile, if you weren’t able to engage a blogger in your campaign, it may be a valuable opportunity to receive expert feedback from him or her.

Collaboration with an influencer

1. Payments. Cryptocurrency influencers like being paid in bitcoins. Fiat doesn’t rank highly among the professionals in this sphere. However, when you want to appeal to a broader audience and want to engage influencers in the finance and start-up spheres, the payments will go through PayPal.

2. Content. Discuss all the collaboration details before you start:

  • ask to sign off on the post before it’s published;
  • discuss hashtags. Not everyone in the crypto-scene likes them, and, depending on the blogger’s usual content, a hashtag may look unnatural to his or her audience. There are also bloggers who prefer to use trending hashtags, so that the most people would see the post,
  • find out what the best publication time is;
  • discuss whether the blogger will answer comments to the post and in which way;
  • negotiate with the influencer how long the post will be up for: it may be deleted after a certain time period or be a permanent post;
  • agree that the blogger will provide you with post analytics — content views, clicks, click-throughs — a week after publication.

3. Opportunities. Many blockchain influencers have Telegram groups — that’s an even narrower audience. An influencer can also write about you there. Such a group may have less subscribers, but 100% of them are interested in crypto and trust the channel owner’s recommendation. That’s why you should find out what the terms of Telegram publications are.

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Case Studies

ICO influencer marketing case study #1: Influencer marketing campaign has helped a new platform collect $30 million investments

The client: Blackmoon Crypto provides a tokenization platform for real-world as well as crypto investment funds. The company aims to create and maintain the worlds best framework for tokenized funds to deliver investment opportunities in both the real and crypto worlds.

The goal: Blackmoon Crypto wanted partner with top Twitter blockchain influencers to raise the brand visibility and promote its upcoming ICO. The team decided to reach as many people around the globe that might be interested in its crypto as possible.

The result: An essential rise of brand visibility has helped the company to collect $30 investments

It took Buzzweb experts 10 days to find and reach out to the proper influencers and prepare the campaign.

  • 10 relevant Twitter influencers engaged: blockchain news channels, top crypto traders, investors and analysts
  • Total combined followers: 512,6K
  • Total impressions: 74,326
  • Total engagement including link clicks, likes, retweets, and replies: 2,901
  • Total clicks to website: 821
  • Average engagement rate: 10.3%

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ICO influencer case study #2: 
Influencer marketing campaign grew brand awareness and brand’s token frequency of mentioning

The client: Bitrent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at an early stage of construction in order to gain maximum profit by selling and renting out the acquired property. The service connect developers with investors.

The goal: Bitrent wanted to partner with top blockchain influencers to raise their brand visibility before the token sale has started.

The result: A significant rise of brand awareness and brand’s token frequency of mentioning

We involved influential English speaking blockchain experts who posted effective and engaging messages on Twitter to increase the chances of the successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • 14 relevant Twitter influencers engaged: top crypto traders, investors, analysts, blockchain news channel
  • Total combined followers: 272K
  • Total impressions: 49,647
  • Total engagement including link clicks, likes, retweets, and replies: 2,721
  • Total clicks to website: 839
  • Average engagement rate: 5.7%

Final Word

Cryptocurrency influencer marketing is a powerful route to market for your ICO, where strategic brand campaigns reach engaged audiences.

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