How They Know You’re A Social Media Influencer?

Last Updated: 01.09.2017 11:37
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Often times those who meet you for the first time don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to understand that you are a social media influencer and what your topic is. Your habits … no, your trained skills and your interactions with the world speak for themselves.

So, how do people know that you are…

A Travel Influencer

• Your family was waiting for you for 60 minutes, including 20 that your baby was crying. But you kept on giving them instructions on how to shoot you near the leaning tower of Pisa. After all, you needed the most creative photo. So, you were hitting it with your leg, hugging it tight, and even tried to “eat” like a hot dog.

• You couldn’t have passed by that seductive red wooden door and gathered a little crowd of local residents who weren’t able to enter their house while you were posing.

Right after this photo shoot, you noticed a nice blue wall…

• To meet the sunset on a beach you brought there five swimsuits and six shawls of different models and colors. And changed them until the sun finally went down. You managed to catch every moment with a unique look… and you have already prepared some more of them to meet the sunrise.

Well, being a travel Instagram influencer takes a lot of time on a beach and swimsuits. 

A Pet Influencer

• A passenger sitting next to you on an airplane was surprised when you easily described how many pets he has at home and what kind. The only thing he had told you about his family was how many kids he has and how old they are.  

A further talk reveals that your companion’s kids are your Twitter followers.

• You guessed the name of your new colleagues Maine Coon right after he had mentioned that he has one. That’s simple — you have contributed to making this name popular. You have even been paid to promote this on Instagram as the name is exactly the name of the brand one company is going to market soon. 

So, it wasn’t magic, it was just an influencer marketing.

A Food Influencer

• A friend of a friend whom you ran across at a barbecue was very surprised that you guessed which kind of diet he is on.

He was even more amazed when you told him which one he should reallу be on.

• Visitors to a local food market preferred to be late for the Stanley Cup’s decisive final game 7.

The reason was simple because they wanted to finish listening to a fascinating conversation between you and a fruit vendor concerning the risks of eating unripe avocado.

• While picking a restaurant your criteria were the color of plates. In addition, your husband/wife had to order the dish that was combined well with yours. You stood up a dozen times, rising up your phone over the table.

Finally, you both ate beautiful and cold food. 

Do you recognize yourself? Are you an Instagram influencer or a novice Twitter blogger? Anyway, we’re sure you have collected a plenty of similar situations. And you’re welcome to share them in the comments, as well as signing up to Buzzweb

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