Best Practices For Growing Your Twitter Account

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Even if you are not (yet! ;)) a popular brand or an influencer with a well-known name in your field of proficiency, you can still become THAT GUY on Twitter.

This article will explore influencer marketing tools and best practices for optimizing your Twitter page.

Optimize Your Profile

Twitter Bio

Your Twitter bio is the heart and soul of your account — it has a tremendous impact on search engine and on the first perception by your potential fans. The hashtags that you use in your bio are clickable. Therefore you should make sure they are not leading to your competitors and don’t look too messy on your account. Try to balance them out. Try to choose neutral or personal hashtags.

It’s also a good idea to insert an inviting and gripping text in your bio instead of telling the story of your life in 160 symbols.

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Profile Picture

It’s recommended to use a logo for brands to look more professional and thereby inbuilt trust in followers. The same works for influencers. Designing your personal logo would be a big plus to your Twitter blog.

Consider the colors, image size and mobile version of your profile picture.


Treat your Twitter header as if it is a magazine cover and remember that you convey different messages to your followers with every single detail. Images can convey very strong messages and create impressions right away, so think about what is it that you are willing to tell them with your header.

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It might be your company’s large team of professionals, featured works or your portfolio. It could be pretty much anything as long as it looks compelling, professional and intriguing.

Also, don’t forget to name images with your main keywords so that search engines will be able to find you by those tags.

Pin The Best Posts

Consider pinning a great tweet on the top. It can serve as a wonderful continuation of your header. Take its design seriously as well.

From a strategic perspective, also use attracting visuals, call to action, optimized keywords and hashtag along with the link to your website or where you aim to lead the traffic to. Remember, that this post will also be a part of those things that will create the first impression on your new visitors.

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Protect Your Account

You don’t want to imagine what if your account will be hacked by a third party. Therefore in case you are taking your business or blogging seriously, think about protecting it. Use Dashlane, 1Password, Roboform or others for higher level of security.

Also, it would be a good idea to set up a two-step authentication.

Optimize Your Tweets

Twitter’s Timeline Algorithm

Twitter’s intelligence has grown over time as well. Starting from March 2017, its suggestions of what you can probably like became more precise and accurate. Your timeline will show not only the accounts you follow but also those you interact mostly with.

How can this information be helpful to Twitter influencers? Just keep in mind that your account can also be recommended to other people who don’t follow you yet. When developing your content plan, consider location settings, suitable hashtags and polls, try to add magnificent pics, videos, and GIFs.


Pay attention to your media timeline. Again, try to address these visual materials as if they are press releases in a very expensive magazine and treat them accordingly.

Another tip is — try using up to 4 pictures in one post and treat this section as an addition to your profile description.


Twitter allows videos, although the length is limited by 2 min. 20sec. In order to take the most out of the possibilities, think about going live and optimizing videos on your website or blog by adding Twitter’s player Card to it.

Also, live video is a great tool to showcase fresh news or an event in the real-time.

Less Hashtags — More Benefits

According to the Twitter analysis, hashtags attract twice more attention. However, this trigger should not be used a lot. When it comes to the number of hashtags, it’s recommended to have not more than two quality hashtags in a post. RiteTag, Hashtagify and are great sources that will help you find relevant hashtags for your news.

Also, when trying to follow a new big trend related to breaking news, politics, sex or religion, be aware that this may negatively affect your name by creating a wrong impression or even worse — mentions of you in relation with those events.

Sweet And Concise

Well, it’s not easy to make your Twitter post long even despite the recent change in number of symbols. However, it would be good to keep in mind that the posts should be concise and to the point.

The nature of Twitter dictates this rule and people like reading clear, logical and short messages.

Special Offers

Think about the value you can provide to your followers. This is especially suitable for the brands and Twitter influencers that can come with discounts. If you come up with a promo code for a discount exclusively for Twitter, your followers will not only appreciate the great news but will also feel rewarded for following you.

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You can also think of such bonuses as e-book or a helpful list. If you are a travel influencer, this could be a list of unusual rules of a particular country that will help your followers when they visit that country.

Frequency Matters

Considering the length of posts allowed on Twitter, it is recommended to Tweet more frequently than you do on other social networks. The main point here is to keep the followers at the short distance and make them aware of all news.

Use Emojis

It’s hard to image social media without emojis these days. Using smiles will add a human touch to the posts. Here’re some websites containing plenty of them: Emojipedia, Emojibase, i2symbols. Also, they are MUST to have among influencer marketing tools.

Connect Your Website Or Blog To Twitter

Make Your Website Or Blog Twitter-Friendly

Consider having Twitter cards on your website for better connection of the resources and set your share buttons to tag your brand’s Twitter handle and author handle.

Besides, think about having different calls to action related to Twitter, such as “Tweet this now” or “Retweet with your friends”. By so doing, you can send more traffic to your Twitter account, increase the number of your followers and show them other posts.

Another effective way to attract people to your profile would be quoting or embedding your Tweets in the content of a blog or website.

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Twitter Widget

Place Twitter widget on your website or blog. Also, it would be smart if you create a special hashtag that will be used only for those Tweets that are displayed on your site.


Most times, brands and influencers link their Twitter account to the home page of their website. Unless it’s truly interesting and interactive, then do it as well. However, if you have some other sections of your website that are more likely to engage people, such as great offer, e-magazine or brochure, then use this link instead.

Twitter is a great tool to route traffic to a website, therefore you should think carefully about those places on your website you want to see traffic flow in.


In case your business or blog is somehow related to a certain location, then don’t hesitate in marking it in your Twitter account to give the search engine another reason to find you and suggest to other people.

Benefit From Twitter Services

Customer Service Playbook

Twitter officially announced that over 80% of their inbound social customer service requests happen on Twitter. And this overwhelming crowd expects a professional response. Hence, if your brand interacts with customers, or you’re a brand ambassador, then it’s crucial to learn about the useful services. Twitter has a customer service playbook which is a great influencer marketing tool.

Receive Direct Messages

If you’re willing to interact with your followers and receive some of useful information from them, then go ahead and enable the possibility of direct messages. You can do that on the settings page — click on the Security & Privacy tab and choose the Receive Direct Messages from anyone option in the bottom.

Let The Bots Work For You

Another feature related to direct messages is using smart bots to help you cope with a flood of new inquiries.Twitter took care of this idea and launched a customizable Direct Message Card. These cards can also be used in Promoted Tweet campaigns.

Twitter Lists

Twitter lists will not only help an influencer or a company manager stay organized, but having an opportunity to be listed will also bring additional exposure. Isn’t it what pretty much every Twitter account is seeking? The lists can be private or public and can be used for featuring certain profiles you would like to monitor. For instance, keeping your competitors in a secret list will help you stay organized.

Customer Feedback Cards

Knowing the actual thoughts of your audience is crucial since they know better what they need than any marketing expert. By the end of the day, by implementing expectations of your customers or exceeding them will help you grow your business or followers. In order to make your life easier, Twitter developed Customer Feedback Cards which allow users to share their experiences after a customer service interaction.

Engage With Followers

Everybody is talking about engagement, but what does it really mean? Is it enough to follow other accounts and add content? Is it enough to read comments and reply to them from time to time? The answer is no, not enough.

Engagement is using pretty much every possibility to create points of contact with your current followers, future followers and potential partners.Here’s a checklist that will help you stay on top of things:

  • Aiming to create viral content
  • Retweeting others
  • Following others
  • Replying to as many comments as possible even if it’s a simple “Thank you!”
  • Adding stuff to favorites
  • Clicking on links, profiles and usernames
  • Using relevant hashtags and @mentions
  • Using embedded media
  • Tweet expansion clicks
  • Twitter chats

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Regardless of what your objectives are, Twitter chats will open doors to all possible networking opportunities. Either you are an influencer or a brand, you can learn, engage and present yourself in Twitter chats. They are typically organized once in a while and are great places to dive into the epicenter of your industry.

Besides, you can also create your own Twitter chat and a lot more engagement and action on your profile. We recommend using this Twitter Reports for finding the right ones for your niche.

Also, respond promptly. According to Social Media Examiner, people give you 5 minutes to respond and then they form strong positive impression about you. Therefore, if you are not using any of the above-mentioned bots, try your best to optimize your customer service support accordingly.

Final Words

These featured recommendations for optimizing your Twitter profile will help you keep track of influencer marketing trends, stay on top of things and rule your Twitter account like a king or a queen.

And the last hint to sweeten the ending. It’s recommended to make an optimization audit approximately every 3 months in order to have enough time for assessing the results and finding new ways for improvement.


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