Food Influencers: The Greatest Food Trends In 2017

Last Updated: 09.11.2017 13:57
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Are you eager to know influencer marketing trends and news in the food industry? In this article, we’ve collected the top three trends for you.

Considering an increasing number of food influencers and their followers Brandwatch conducted a profound research of 450 Twitter bloggers and their mentions. The study lasted from January 1st, 2017 till August 31st, 2017 and included not more or less, but 796,028 tweets. These impressive numbers are what make this research so useful. The study eliminates any personal judgments and provides real results directly from food industry influencers.

Food Is Under Loop

The analysis included mention of such food items as “rice”, “coconut”, “soup”, “coffee” and others. All of them were counted not only in the actual posts, but also in the replies and comments. As a result, seeing ”chicken”, “chocolate”, and “cheese” at the top was not a surprise at all. However, no one expected the difference between the top 2 items and others to be that big.

What was a greater surprise seeing so-called trendy items like “pumpkin”, “shrimp”, “tacos”, “cinnamon”, “cream cheese” and “jalapeños” are not as trendy as they may seem. Of course, many people use the rule of thumb which determines what’s trendy, and what’s not.

Vegans Are Riding Ahead

Let’s see the first influencer marketing news for vegans. In the last year, the similar research was conducted. “Gluten free” was the most popular mention in the world of healthy food. This year, the winner is “vegan”, followed by “gluten free” and “vegetarian”.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that 45% of people turned into vegans. But this indicates that the products, diets, and recipes related to vegan lifestyle became the most popular and are the “trendiest”.

Cash Is Always Trendy

Cash or free staff, bonuses have always been and always will be in trend. You don’t need to hire a witch to predict the future. You’re probably wondering, how can bonuses be influencer marketing trends? Easily. 450 influencers have posted hashtag #ad 4,540 times in their posts. It got to the Top 5 hashtags used among #recipe, #vegan, #food, and #glutenfree.

This means that more and more brands are sponsoring influencers and get positive results.

Who Are Your Influencers?

Brands must be very picky and careful when it comes to choosing a marketing influencer. Unfortunately, not all of them are educated and post recipes and diets based on evidence or study at all.

The worst you can do is choose an influencer who seemingly knows the news, has followers but struggles with eating disorders.

Therefore, brands should be very careful when choosing their industry influencers solely based on their social media account. Instead, it’s better to double-check their “valuable” recommendations and be sure that they are really healthy and not dangerous.

These were three main influencer marketing news stories for foodies. Hopefully, they will help the influencers to use the most popular hashtags and the brands to find the right influencers.

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