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Last Updated: 08.09.2017 13:34

In this article, you will learn how videos can be helpful to increase the engagement of your current followers and attract new ones. 

The info will be useful for those who’d like to get paid on Instagram or achieve their marketing objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, ROI, CTR and other performance indicators. Influencers will also find this article resourceful, as it reveals the current trends, interesting statistics, and novelties.

Videos Are On The Up Rise As Ever Before

Some experts, like Amber Lee, Partner and CEO at Visual Country, are brave enough to call one of the brightest trends across social media channels — the video revolution.

Instagram is not only falling behind, according to the 3rd annual Intelligence Report by L2, but on the contrary, has knocked down such monsters as Facebook and even the YouTube by video engagement ratio. While video engagement on Facebook was 1.5% and of YouTube was 0.3%, Instagram has proudly reached 16%! This happens in the first two quarters of 2017.

Hence, as an Instagram influencer or a brand willing to get promoted through this channel, you should consider taking videos into your content marketing strategy.

Videos Get You More Followers And Higher ROI

Have you heard that 52% of professionals consider that videos have the highest ROI among all types of content? The experts from Brainshark have pointed this out a long time ago.

Also, Hubspot blog confirmed this point in regards to the ROI on Instagram. Also, the authors mentioned that 64% of people are motivated to purchase your product or service after watching a short engaging video about it.

And finally, Instagram has added a feature of searching videos in its “Explore” section, which has more than 100 million visits of those who search for content from pages they don’t yet follow. Hence, Instagram is not only following the video trend but also encourages people to follow others by using videos as search criterion.

Photo vs Video Engagement

Instagram video trends can be very well demonstrated on the examples of top publishers, such as National Geographic, Vogue, and CNN. The charts below provided by NewsWhip are based on their feeds. 

First of all, the number of videos uploaded on Instagram is greater or sometimes even much greater than a year ago.

The photos are still dominating, although the videos sometimes are reaching the half of the total number of Instagram posts.

And finally, have a look at the most interesting figures that demonstrate the engagement rate in one year period. The increase in 35% is quite remarkable and proves the arguments above by real life examples.

Yet, what is even more compelling is the fact that the number of comments below the video content has outreached the number below the pics by 30%. These numbers show the effectiveness of videos in relation to the audience engagement.

Instagram Updates The App For Video

Understanding the current trends, Instagram developers do everything to help its users follow them.

One of the new features is a tool that allows targeting those, who viewed your videos and reach them with your ads. Now you can create a custom audience for this segment too and before it was only the option for Facebook ads. That also means that using this tool can get you more new followers and help your businesses on Instagram.

Another cool and long-awaited feature was live streaming videos which became available on Instagram! Being a booming trend across all social media platforms, now it has finally reached Instagram. The tests have started from the beginning of August 2017 according to AdEspresso by Hootsuite.

Needless to say, that overwhelming number of live videos on the Internet increases popularity and engagement around the specific page of a person or a brand.

According to LiveStream blog, 80% of people would prefer to watch live video from a brand as opposed to reading its blog and 82% would rather watch it instead of reading social posts. What’s even more compelling is that “67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event or a similar one”. We can read between the lines and assume that there could be pretty much any product or service instead of the event ticket.

Final Thoughts

It is evident now, that ignoring this video trend is simply impossible and would not be very wise. Regardless of who you are, either a person who’d like to get money on Instagram or a company which needs to find influencers in order to promote its page, grow brand awareness or sales, you should seriously think about including videos to your content marketing strategy.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you need to be too obsessive about this idea and bombard people like spammers. Three or four videos a week will be enough. And note that every video you post should be well thought through and aligned with your content strategy.

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