How To Boost The Efficiency Of An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Last Updated: 30.10.2017 11:51
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Have a look at some essential tips that will help you to make your influencer marketing campaigns more efficient and your collaboration with influences — more comfortable.

1. Don’t Rush In, Study The Statistics

It’s crucial to find an opinion leader who matches your specific needs. Prior to publishing your ad, ask yourself: “Is this really the person to represent my brand?” In just 3 minutes the Buzzweb influencer marketing platform will let you examine all of the influencer’s social media profiles, comprehend the extent to which his or her audience coincides with your target audience, and evaluate the blogger’s engagement rate, or in other words, how tangible his or her influence is on his followers.

Avoid advertising on blogs with political, religious and potentially offensive content. In pursuit of hype and popularity many young opinion leaders lose sight of the fine line between jokes and moral standards, and there’s no need for your brand to be associated with scandals.

Remember that a blogger is your brand ambassador. If a consumer sees your product marketed by a blogger who behaves inappropriately or aggressively, it will surely reflect on your reputation.

Alcohol brands and betting platforms constitute exceptions that allow format experiments and engagement of controversial opinion leaders in your advertising. However, if your brand strategy does not involve viral ads or content that offends a certain audience segment, you should consider lifestyle and travel bloggers, who are more rarely scandal-ridden.

2. Give Influencers Creative Freedom

Opinion leaders have gained popularity because of their individuality. Your brand strategy shouldn’t limit their creative freedom. Whatever you may think the audience needs won’t always strike a chord with it. Influencers work with their audience day in and day out, and know what will resonate and what will antagonize it.

Unlike conventional media and contextual advertising, native advertising demonstrates the best results in influencer marketing. The absence of an in-your-face call to action and the blogger’s personal recommendation don’t resemble direct advertising, making it more efficient than conventional marketing.

3. Don’t Chase Numbers

Forget the number of followers, it’s a non-essential factor. Publication of even the most powerful creative output in a popular account with an irrelevant core audience may prove futile. Here at Buzzweb, we have observed a plenty of times how brands have boosted their sales through collaborating exclusively with micro influencers.

Also, the choice of an opinion leader based on the fact that “everyone follows him” always disappoints.

You should be making a decision regarding a publication only when, first of all, you comprehend the goal of your influencer marketing campaigns, and, secondly, you’ve studied the blogger’s audience analytics and compared it to your target audience in terms of sex, age, and location. That’s the only way to get the most out of your publication.

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4. Negotiate Prices

Opinion leaders collaborate with brands if a brand pays for each publication, including mentions in later blog posts or Instagram stories. That’s standard practice, since what opinion leaders undertake resembles tough work more than leisurely fun, even if it seems like a breeze.

All labor should be adequately compensated, but, as you build long-term partnerships with opinion leaders, you may negotiate pricing. Bloggers usually give considerable discounts if:

  • They like your products and use them in everyday life;
  • You purchase several publications or launch a long-term project;
  • You’ve organized your collaboration in a transparent and convenient fashion, i.e. by using an influencer marketing platform.

5. Don’t Force The Influencer To “Sell”

The audience will not respond well to an opinion leader posting “buy this” content. Don’t attempt to pressure him or her into creating an advertising post with a list of all of your product’s advantages and your company name in the title. That way your influencer marketing strategy will definitely suffer.

In most cases, all you need is a photo or video of an influecner with your product in a natural setting. His or her followers will notice the product on their own, and a link to your social media page or website will be sufficient for them to take action.

The only useful action you can take to stimulate sales is provide a promo code to the blogger’s followers, offering them a nice discount.

And Last, But Not Least

Ignoring other advertising sources while implementing your influencer marketing strategy is one of the key mistakes novice advertisers make. Some of them get so carried away by influencer marketing that they disregard other marketing tools. But remember — marketing is always a set of measures. Social media influencers are an excellent advertising instrument, but it won’t reach its maximum efficiency without a package approach. Since influencer marketing stimulates search engine product queries, you should be ready for that.

That is why before launching any influencer marketing campaigns, you should use retargeting and context ads for those who will search your brand on the Internet. This way you’ll engage the motivated audience, and will be able to remind people of your product even after the influencer marketing campaigns are over.



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