Six Tips To Protect Your Brand Reputation In Social Media

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Would you like to increase your followers’ and clients’ trust?

Would you like to avoid mistakes in the social media?

This article will elucidate six methods that will lead you to represent your brand in the social media in the best possible light. Including humor, collaborating with online marketing influencers, spell checking and other significant things.

Use Humor When Appropriate

What may seem funny to you may not necessarily be funny to your followers. Are you sure your joke isn’t outdated? Is there a chance that it may slight or even offend someone? If you aren’t 100% sure, ask someone you trust to get a second opinion.

The Atlanta Hawks pro basketball club has published a post in the wake of NBA 2016 in its Twitter account, where all of the teams participating in the event were represented as smileys. They knew that the fans would get it.

Use humor in your publications, try to introduce irony that would be apparent to your readers, but don’t try to seem too smart, since you risk the jokes to be lost on your audience.

Check The Facts And The Spelling

A professional on-staff proofreader incurs additional expenditures, which is basically pointless for most businesses. If you are set on performing these duties yourself, it’s essential that you spend a significant amount of time on spell checking, making sure that the definitions used are precise, and the facts — accurate, even though you may not doubt any of your arguments. Don’t merely follow your intuition, it may not turn out in the best way possible.

See what happened — White Castle has made a mistake, which gave Taco Bell a chance to join the conversation with the celebrity and divert attention to itself. Had White Castle checked the message before sending, this wouldn’t have happened.

Choose Digital Marketing Influencers Carefully

Social networks are crammed with non-conscientious digital marketing influencers. Thus, make sure that you are entrusting the promotion of your brand to reliable people. Deleting a post right after publication or not providing the analytics you require are the least of the evils you may encounter.

Meanwhile, giving a wrong or an inappropriate answer to a question regarding your product right under your sponsored promo post – that’ll hurt your reputation considerably.

You can take two steps to prevent that.

  • First of all, discuss the answers to the most frequently asked questions about your product with all your online marketing influencers in advance, and send them a link to your whitepaper. Ask to get in touch as soon as someone asks a question that they are unable to answer.
  • Secondly, while searching for digital marketing influencers, use tools that provide information regarding the history of their cooperation with other advertisers. For example, influencers in the Buzzweb database have a rating produced by the history of their cooperation with other brands. It can help you review the influencer’s efficiency and the comfort of working with him or her, as well as his/her engagement rate.

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Talk To Your Clients

The Holy Grail of social media is participation. Your participation in conversation with clients and answering their questions affects their loyalty in a positive way.

If you don’t have the time for client communications, it’s best to remove your social media pages. Certainly, an absence of a company page is bad, but the lack of an answer to a question demonstrates neglect, and that’s far worse. A timely answer will assist in transforming a negative experience into a positive one.

If you see a post where a person narrates a problem he/she encountered that’s linked to your product, send a message to him/her, offering to resolve the problem offline. The attempt to resolve it online may lead to the involvement of other users and emergence of unreliable information that they may transmit to their friends.

The proposal to examine the issue offline gives the client a chance to discuss it in more detail, and demonstrates to the rest of your followers that your company cares about everything being right.

When your clients report their experience with your company over social media, it’s essential for you to acknowledge it properly. Apologize even if the client was negligent when signing the contract or didn’t follow certain instructions. It’s crucial that the client understands that the company is attempting to resolve his/her problem, even if ultimately you don’t live up to the expectations.

Look For Fraud And Page Duplicates

There may be many reasons for the existence of a brand’s page duplicates. Such duplicates are often created by defrauders who impersonate official representatives of a company. They may not only damage your company’s reputation, but also confuse the search engines, which will have to select the version that’s more appropriate to the search. How can this problem be avoided?

Monitor all social platforms regularly to see whether such pages exist. If you found a duplicate of your page, try to contact the person who created it. If you don’t know who created the account, contact the social platform technical support to resolve the problem.

In order to avoid any internal issues with your employees, make sure that your social media policy includes a clause that prohibits employees from creating pages that have the name of your company as the account name.

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook accounts may receive a blue verified badge to resolve the issue of duplicate pages. It marks the accounts that completed the verification procedure, meaning that this particular page represents the brand officially.

Respond To Both Positive And Negative Reviews

Many companies usually respond to negative reviews, while leaving positive reactions unattended. Express your gratitude to the clients who find the time to share their positive experience with your company’s product. That’s more than good manners — that’s good business practice.

Be diplomatic in your responses. Some clients’ reaction may be unpredictable. Answer as quickly as possible, be polite and professional in your actions.

Final Words

Use these simple methods to avoid potential problems that may negatively affect your business and online reputation. And always remember that there are real people behind the concept of “followers”. Keep them in mind when maintaining your pages.

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