70% Of Brands Use Instagram Influencers

Last Updated: 09.10.2017 15:24
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Analyzing 1,152 companies and their relationships with 5,000 influencers, L2 found that 70% of brands across benchmark industries collaborate with Instagram influencers.

Deployment of influencer strategy is nearly ubiquitous in spheres like luxury, activewear, and beauty. Laggard categories include consumer electronics, food & beverages, personal and home care.

Percentage of brands collaborating with Instagram influencers

At the same time, 90% of companies fail to feature influencer content on their own Instagram pages, missing an opportunity to incorporate influencers more actively in their influencer marketing strategy.

Percentage of brand posts featuring Instagram influencers

Despite the hype of Instagrams new video posts, pictures still reign supreme. This might be so because videos take more time to watch.

However, the use of Instagram influencers grows engagement on both video and image content, but this effect is more pronounced on images.

Instagram interactions, video vs. pictures

Also, the report suggests several recommendations that might be useful for brands collaborating with Instagram bloggers.

  • The first recommendation is to go big, but don’t ignore Instagram micro influencers. Celebrity influencers may work best with product launches and tentpole campaigns. However, the network effects of micro influencers can grow brand awareness and engagement with new clients.
  • The second recommendation is to choose influencers whose cadence, authenticity, and previous sponsored posts are consistent with broader branding efforts, as not all influencers are created equal.

And the last recommendation is to track the assets. To make it easier to track contents and conversions, the advertiser can define memorable hashtags and discount codes that resonate with both paid Instagram influencers and consumer advocates. Influencer marketing platforms like Buzzweb can also help the advertiser to track and measure the effectiveness of influencer marketing campaign.

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